Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 4. Shadows in the Rising Sun

The sun is beginning to make its rise into the sky, casting a bright, orange glow over the small village. The rising sun is the signal for some of the field workers in the village to begin their day, so just a handful of people have begun leaving their homes; some went to a small field behind their home, while others spread out and head out of the village for work.

Hiding off inside a dense, forest brush that follows a path into town, Ayame does a small scope around the town, trying to gauge just how much area she’ll be able to traverse with the rising sun. Her normal assignments have to travel under the cover of darkness. However, for this one, the best chance would be during the early morning, just before the village starts seeing its daily trade and business traffic.

Ayame leans back against a tree and crosses her arms, detailing out a strategy, “If I’m looking for somebody with his trade skills, he should have a definite sign somewhere showing it.”

As she continues, birds begin chipping, serving as a marker for how much time she has left.

“Shit. I need to find it fast. I’ll have to avoid the roof for this.”

Ready to move, Ayame dashes from the brush and down the path to the village. There are remnants of what appears to be a wall that inclosed the town, but there are only small sections that remain. She sees one of the remains as she approaches the village and slides up to it, using it to peer further in without revealing herself.

The village is divided into three different sections, the largest being a wide field that organized and neatly set up for farm usage. The other section is a collection of homes and shops, with a few garden patches that separate homes from one another. The final is a small manor that connects two different structures together by an open walkway; the manor has its own wall around it, constructed of a thick bamboo and wood combination. In the center of the entire village is a single watch tower. Although it would serve as a good vantage point, there’s a guard on top looking around.

Ayame lets out a small laugh and shakes her head, “This job never gets any easier.”

With the guard’s back turned, Ayame breaks away from behind the wall and rushes to a nearby house. Every moment she can, Ayame travels across the ground, hiding behind homes in order to get closer without being spotted. When she reaches another house, she peers around the corner and realizes there’s a large open space between her and the watch tower. With the way it was built, she’ll be able to easily climb it in just a few seconds with her tools.

With the perfect moment, Ayame charges from the house towards the tower, winding her grappling hook; she launches the hook and it reaches its mark, landing on one of the boards near the top of the tower. She jump and allows her body to be reeled in, grabbing the board with one of her hands.

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