Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 4. Shadows in the Rising Sun

Seeing her old friend, Ayame sheaths her kodachi and laughs, “It seems like I do, doesn’t it?”

Ayame and Rin walk up to each other. Ayame continues their conversation, “What are you doing here, Rin?”

“I got an assignment about a man named Shigeru Otawa coming here to meet with the chief of security of this village. He’s been seen going from village to village, making their guards and leaders swear alliance to an upcoming warlord.”

“Tall guy, pale as hell, got a patch on his eye?”

“You’ve seen him?”

“He was here talking to a guard at the man, but he ended up leaving not too long ago.

Rin crosses her arms and looks away, “Damn… This is the third time I just missed him. He doesn’t stay long in places.”

“Got any leads about where he might be heading to next?”

“Aside from small villages and towns in this part of the region, nothing solid. I need to check out that town just down the river. If I get there first, that might be my chance to get the drop on him. I should start heading that way now.”

“Good luck getting around that giant knife he’s carrying. Since you’re gonna be in the area, stop by Gohda territory if you get any more info about this warlord person.”

“Got it. When this is over, you owe me a new mask.”


As Rin walks by, heading towards the riverbed, Ayame lightly pats her on the shoulder. Ayame then takes out the note again and looks at it.

“This says the delivery point is the caverns at the end of the river. I need to get to Rikimaru.”

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