Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 4. Shadows in the Rising Sun

She looks up and sees that there’s just enough space between her and the edge, so the guard won’t be able to see her. Putting the hook away, she uses her free hand to take out one of her kodachi.

The guard just above hears the sound of the blade and slowly turns around to take a look at the area, but doesn’t look straight down. Using the tower as a springboard, Ayame pulls herself up and over the tower, just a few feet above. Her sudden appearance throws the guard off, making him stumble back and trip over his feet. Ayame lands directly on top of the guard and drive her kodachi right into his throat, covering his mouth to block any screams that may happen. Assured that the guard is dead, she removes the kodachi and sheaths it. With her current position, Ayame can get a clear view of everything down below in the village.

Most of the village townspeople are still inside their homes; those who left are far off and busy doing their business. The manor in the distance is the only place that seems to be filled with life, as people are currently coming out of the walkway. Upon a better inspection, the people coming out are identified as guards, with two of them staying behind and making routine route checks around the manor. The remaining four are heading towards the village homes.

“Come on, come on! Where the hell is this place I’m looking for?”

Realizing her safety window is closing, Ayame scrambles to search the area faster. She notices a small shack further behind the manor, near a riverbed. With her destination in sight, she leaps from the tower and lands on a nearby roof, sliding off of it and landing in a bush. Just in case somebody heard the shuffling leaves of the bush, she waits a moment before coming out. Inching her way along the house, she peeks around the corner and sees one of the guards circling around the watch tower; he hasn’t looked up and noticed the dead guard.

Using the back areas of the homes, Ayame travels through the village without detection. When she reaches the end of the homes, she comes up to a wide open field that separates the homes from the manor. The only things between the house and the manor is a sealed off, man-made water garden. Seeing the garden, Ayame comes up with an idea to try and cross without having to be in the open.

“I wonder how deep that thing goes?”

Ayame picks up a well rounded rock, with a nice amount of weight on it. She bounces it in her hand before tossing it into the water garden. When the rock hits the water, it makes a large splash and sinks deep underneath. The splash was loud enough to get he guard’s attention near the manor, but he ignores it and begins walking down his route.

Noticing she’s in a bamboo garden, Ayame cuts off a small piece and carries it with her. She dashes from the house to the water garden, jumping into the water. She allows her body to lightly sink just below the water and uses the bamboo shoot as a funnel to breath through her mouth. The splash she made was enough to grab the guard’s attention; he walks over to the garden. He walks up to the edge and looks around, but doesn’t notice anything out of ordinary except for some of the water that splashed out. He stays for a moment before turning around tow walk away.

Ayame swims up from the water and grabs the guard by his ankles, pulling his legs from underneath; he falls face first onto the ground. She then quickly drags him into the water and down with her, attempting to drown him and hide the body in a single action. Water moves around violently, showing sign of some kind of struggle. After a few moments, the water calms and stays still.

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