Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 6. Battle in the Checkpoint

The woman gently runs her nail across Shigeru’s neck, a small line of blood is drawn from his neck, “Rest assured, I don’t doubt your skills as an assassin. I just feel like it’s been quite some time since I’ve had some fun in a battle. Is it wrong for a woman to enjoy life a little?”

“Not at all, My Lord.”

The woman lets out a small laugh, filled with mischievous intent and joy. She begins to walks faster across the bridge, leaving Shigeru behind, “I’m going to wage my war now. Keep this place under lock down until I return.”

She tops in her tracks and takes a quick glace behind her at Shigeru, “Make sure to give that Gohda ninja a small taste of your strength; don’t kill him just yet. And don’t let that rat get away from us either.”

Finishing her briefing, the woman breaks into a sprint, rushing through the checkpoint; she quickly vanishes into the dark of night.

Shigeru gives a slight nod before sitting down on the bridge; he crosses his legs and pulls out a piece of straw from the inside of his yukata, putting just the tip of it between his teeth.

“Looks like I have some time before the ninja shows up. Might as well take a break before I have to fight again.”

Shigeru folds his arms and closes it eyes for a moment to clear his mind. He takes a deep breath and opens them again with his mind set on one objective, “Akechi’s unification will be painful and full of bloodshed. But it will all be worth it to show just how weak minded you are, Gohda.”

* * * * *

A lone guard patrols a small section along the path through the checkpoint. Surrounded by thick bushes and tall trees that seem like they reach into the sky, he proudly takes his time passing through. As he’s reaching the end of his assigned area, he sees another guard approaching him; they stop under a small torch-lit area next to a slope and begin having their own discussion to pass the time.

“Did you hear about what happened to the caverns?”

“Yeah. The entrance got blocked up right? It must have been some kind of rock slide or something.”

“The supply team went to go pick up new weapons for the recruits, but it seems like it was caved in from the inside out.”

“Do you know if anybody made it out alive?”

“No reports as of yet. I’m honestly not surprised if nobody made it out of there.”

As the guards continue talking about the recent events of the caverns, Rikimaru slowly approaches the edge of a slope, giving them a clear look a few feet down below. Drawing his ninjato, Rikimaru jumps down and begins his assassination.

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