Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 6. Battle in the Checkpoint

“Why are you here near Gohda territory? I thought you worked under Muzen?”

Tesshu takes a deep breath and crosses his arms, “My boss is dead and so is the rest of Muzen. So right now, I don’t have anybody above me. I’m a ronin assassin so to speak. Besides, I figured the Azuma could use some help with the Akechi.”

“So you know about the warlord?”

“They control a town I was in for some time. A small town had a booming illness going around and I was there helping anybody who needed medical attention. Once the Akechi came in, things didn’t exactly go smoothly. The other night, I overheard a few post guards talking about their leader.”

“I take it you have some information that might help us find their leader?”

“Nothing definite, but it’s a good guess. I’ll explain it back to in your territory.”

Rikimaru gives a slight nod and the two of them begin to head to the towards the gate. Before they can take a few steps, a voice calls out to them, “I don’t think you’re going anywhere.”

Rikimaru and Tesshu turn around and sees a sturdy built figure in a blue yukata slowly approaching them, a large cleaver thrown over his shoulder; he has a dark grimace on it face, “So Gohda sent the Azuma lap dog to try and get info on us, huh? He’s a lot weaker than I expected. Is he that afraid of direct confrontation?”

Rikimaru quickly draws out his ninjato and takes an offensive stance, “Shigeru Otawa.”

Shigeru brings his cleaver off of his shoulder and tightens his grip on the handle, “In the flesh.”

“You may have been a guard under Gohda, but you’re no longer following him and his ideals. Instead, you’re aiding the Akechi in a path that only leads to death and spilled blood. And for that, you will forfeit for life.”

Breaking eye contact with Rikimaru, Shigeru looks at Tesshu, “When did the Azuma start recruiting new people? Not that it’s gonna matter anyways.”

Tesshu cracks his neck and goes into an offensive stance, “I don’t know who you are, but if you’re an enemy of the Azuma, then you’re my enemy as well.”

Rikimaru puts his arm out in front of Tesshu and looks at him, “You have vital information that will help us. You just head to Gohda territory and Ayame will find you. I’ll take care of Shigeru.”

Keeping his stance up, Tesshu looks at Rikimaru; he can feel a tense aura around him. Tesshu lowers his stance, “Fine. You just better make it back.”

“I intend to.”

Tesshu nods and goes into a sprint, heading for the exit gate. Rikimaru brings his attention back to the enemy in front of him. Shigeru raises his cleaver and points it directly at Rikimaru, “You’re an idiot if you think you can take me on solo. Have you seen what I did to your informant? He barely put up a fight.”

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