Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 6. Battle in the Checkpoint

“Don’t underestimate what you don’t know.”

Shigeru lets out a chuckle, “All of Gohda’s forces are weak.”

Using just one hand, Shigeru raises the cleaver over his head and quickly brings it back down in a strike, “Including the Azuma!”

Back stepping to avoid the attack, Rikimaru keep his guard up; the impact between the cleaver and the ground send off a loud ringing sound. Shigeru picks his weapon back up and continues his assault, slashing is way closer to Rikimaru in a crisscross movement. Being pushed back, Rikimaru keeps back stepping to stay away. Midway through another swing, Shigeru dashes forward and twists his body, spinning around with his cleaver’s edge like a top. With the gap between them closing, Rikimaru pushes off one of his legs to get a stronger back step, narrowly missing the edge; he looks down at his uniform and sees a tear in his clothing across his chest.

Shigeru stops his attack and props his cleaver on his shoulder, “What’s the matter? Too afraid of getting close?”

Rikimaru adjusts his grip on his ninjato, He can wield that thing with just one hand. I can’t afford to miss an opportunity to get in close. I’ll have to make my own opening.

Charging directly at his opponent, Rikimaru keep his ninjato out in front of him.

“A frontal assault? I like where this is going!”

Shigeru brings his weapon up and drops it back down, going for another downward strike. Instead of stepping back, Rikimaru leaps up and flips over the blade, landing right behind Shigeru. Rikimaru goes for a downward strike of his own; Shigeru put his arm behind his back and blocks from behind. Instead of cutting straight through his arm, Rikimaru’s blade clashes with it, resulting in a violent vibration shooting up his blade, throwing him off his stance.


“You’re dead!”

Shigeru twists his body again and brings the cleaver around for a wide swing going all away around his body. All Rikimaru can do is change into a defensive stand and block the swing; it pushes him back, his feet sliding against the ground.

Rikimaru drops to his knees using the ninjato as a wedge to keep from falling over. Shigeru props his cleaver on his shoulder again and looks at Rikimaru.

“Look at you. You’re weak. You’re already on one knee. I’ll have to admit though, it was smart trying to hit me in my blind spot.”

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