Knight in Not-So-Shiny Armor

Cain casually shrugs and shakes his head, still looking at the Japanese armor, “It’s not too bad. You’re missing the light foot soldier, the archery set, cavalry equipment, the front guards, the–”

“Okay, I got it, I got it,” Sir Clay cuts Cain off in a small fit of annoyance. He starts to walk off as he mumbles something under his breath, “Saying my panoply isn’t ‘too bad.’ Who the hell does he think he is?!”

As Cain continues looking at the armor, he hears a quick pattern of footsteps leading away from him. He looks back and sees Sir Clay walking away and rushes after him, “Hey, wait for me!”

Sir Clay is still going on with his rant under his breath, “Going on and on about things I don’t have. Goddamn runt, I bet this next armor set is one he’s never even seen before; it’s my grand achievement!” He turns back and notices Cain catching up to him, so he slows down his pace. When Cain is next to him again, he continues speaking to him, “Cain, how much do you know about the legend of the ‘Black Oni’ armor?”

Cain crosses his arms and puts himself in a quick moment of deep thought, “There was a rumored gate to the ‘otherworld,’ allowing mythical creatures and monsters to travel to the human world. There’s a story about an Oni, a hellish demon, coming though said gate and roaming around looking for a suitable master to serve. It’s armor was made of an unearthly alloy, stronger than the hardest steel katanas.”

After giving his brief synopsis of the “Black Oni” armor, Cain looks back and sees the agitated face of Sir Clay; Sir.

Sir Clay lets out a deep sigh and rubs the corner of his eyes, “You know everything about this legend, don’t you?”

“I told you Asian history was my favorite.”

“Yeah, whatever. Just come here and I’ll show you the armor.”

Sir Clay escorts Cain to the end of the corridor. While the walls of the corridor are lined with armor sets on podiums and behind glass, a large stage is jetting out from the wall with a massive, red drop down curtain covering it. He goes to one side and begins pulling on a large rope, causing the curtain to slowly rise.

Standing in front of the stage, Cain can see the armor more and more at the curtain rises; an armor set that’s larger than the size of any human, its entire color is a metallic black with a glossy shine to it. The chest plate seems to only protect where the vital organs of the body would be. One entire sleeve is covered in a small netting of scales for one arm, while the other just has a single plate protecting the shoulder.

Finishing up with the rope, Sir Clay moves over to try and get a glimpse of Cain’s expression for looking at the legendary armor. Another smirk take over Sir Clay’s face, “I bet he’s so far in shock that his emotions are locked into place. Just look at that blank expression; he doesn’t know how to feel!”

“This is a fake.”

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