Knight in Not-So-Shiny Armor


Thrown into a fit of pure rage, Sir Clay storms over to Cain and grabs him by the collar of his shirt, lifting him off of the ground, “That is a pure and authentic Japanese armor forged of demonic alloy from the ‘otherworld!’ I have the paper of authenticity to prove this!”

Cain can see the anger in Sir Clay’s eyes; even though Cain is lifted off his feet just by his collar, he remains calm and collected, offering his reasoning, “That’s where you messed up. How could an armor from a different realm than our natural one possibly have an authenticity paper? Besides, you can see the material tag on the side of the chest plate. It says ‘Manufactured in China.’”

Sir Clay keeps looking at Cain’s face, slowly letting his words sink in. Full of despair and dread, he drops Cain and walks up to the armor. Before he even has to get too close, he notices the tag that Cain mentioned. He drops to his feet and start punching away at the floor, realizing that his greatest achievement is nothing but a cheap knock-off.



— via Daily Prompt: Panoply Panoply

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