Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Lists & Shopping Carts


“Got that.”


“I got that, too.”

“And what about the milk?”

“Hmm… I don’t see– wait, no, I got it written down.”

It’s time for Sam and I to do our monthly grocery shopping together. Usually, Sam goes shopping for stuff by herself while I’m at work, but that’s just for little things that we need just to fill in for anything missing from the cabinets and pantry. When we both go, it’s to pretty much get the bulk of everything, like kitchen stuff, bathroom items, and other things we need for around the house.

Today’s a normal work day, but my boss gave me the day off since she had to call me in on a weekend last month; the streets and the highway are pretty empty so I can drive easily for the trip from the house to the store. Sam’s leisurely looking over the shopping list we made together during the car ride.

I take a quick glace at her, “Do you think we’re forgetting something to add on that list? I think we got every we normally get.”

Sam has a folded sheet of paper on her lap and she’s tapping a pen on her cheek, “Not that I can think of. You’re usually the one who goes around the house to see what else we need.”

“I was preoccupied with finishing up some work, so I overlooked making the list. Besides, if we do buy something we already have enough of back at the house, it wouldn’t hurt to stash it somewhere as extra.”

“I guess. I keep looking over the list, but I don’t think we forgot anything.”

I roll down my window a bit to let the breeze from the drive blow through my hair, “Well, just think of things you like to cook a lot and see if you have the ingredients you need somewhere on the list. You’re the one writing it.”

Even though my eyes are straight so I can focus on the road, I can see Sam staring down at the list. She taps her pen a bit, but then she suddenly starts writing down more things on the paper. I guess she realized some things we may need in the house, so I let her do her thing while I continue the drive.

After driving for a little bit, I take the exit off of the highway we need and head back into the city streets. I pull up to a stop light before bringing my attention to Sam.

“Alright, let me see the list.”

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