Senran Kagura: Romance of a Ninja (Part One)

“The answer is extraneous.”

Standing at the single desk in the middle of a completely empty classroom, a simple student answers the question, “There isn’t enough information to solve the problem.”

Writing on the blackboard at the front of the room, a young woman with dark purple hair and wearing a white blouse top with a short indigo skirt completes a sentence in chalk. Her words are clear and sharp, but her tone seems a bit cold, “Correct. And why is that?”

“There’s information for object ‘B’ missing and the measurements for object ‘A’ is not consistent with the statement.”

The woman adjusts her thin, red framed glasses before turning around to face the student, “Correct again. I expected nothing less than perfect from you, Masahiro.”

At the desk, with his light brown hair combed back to keep out of his eyes and his normal black school uniform buttoned up, Masahiro Takechi give a small nod, “Thank you, Suzune-sensei.”

Suzune keeps her eyes on Masahiro for a moment before looking down at the desk in front of her. She looks at a small clock placed at the corner and begins to clear off her desk, putting her papers into a single folder, “Today’s lesson is finished. Continue looking over those problems from yesterday and come back tomorrow with the answers and all work shown.”


Getting up from his desk, Masahiro takes his bag off of his chair and starts packing everything up for the day. As he’s packing, he notices Suzune walking over to his desk, “Is everything okay, Sensei?”

Suzune folds her arms and locks her eyes on to Masahiro, “Tomorrow is your final day to make a decision. Have you made up your mind on your choice?”

Masahiro tries to look Suzune in the eye, but he slowly drop his head and takes a deep breath, “No, not yet. I have until Midnight tomorrow, right?”

Suzune nods, “This may not be a simple decision, but it will be one that affects not only you, but somebody else. You understand?”

“Yes. Completely.”

Suzune reaches into her folder and takes out a sealed letter. She slides it across Masahiro’s desk and he picks it up, looking at it for just a moment. He then opens it to read the contents.

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