Senran Kagura: Romance of a Ninja (Part One)

Masahiro’s heart dropped and his adrenaline surged throughout his body; he never imagined that he would witness a Yōma during his lifetime. From all of the lessons that he learned about from Suzune-sensei, he’s well aware about the capabilities that a Yōma can possess. However, the one thing that still confuses him is how it’s all related to him.

“T-That’s a Yōma. I’m just a normal guy. How the hell is THAT related to ME?!”

Jasmine waves her hand in the Yōma infused smoke cloud and makes it dissipate. She takes one last pull from her pipe and blows into the air again, making an entirely new sphere.

“As you know, when the last Yōma attacked, it devastated the country by taking control of the men and transforming them into Yōma. Luckily for you, the girls were able to rescue you before you were changed, thus making you the last surviving male aside from knocked out Hanzō here and Kiriya over at the academy.” Jasmine takes a quick side glance at Masahiro, “You following me so far?”

I know all this. During the attack, the shinobi council was wiped out, but was able to defeat it. Since my family was the head of the council, that leaves me as the sole heir and that once I become married, my wife will have to take the lead as the new head of the council.” Frustration begins to build deep within Masahiro channeling it out with his words, “But what the hell does a Yōma have to do with me?!”

Jasmine doesn’t hold back with her answer, “The person you choose to marry will be the one who has to kill the Yōma.”

To be continued… 

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