Senran Kagura: Romance of a Ninja (Part One)

However, what was written was information he already knew. Seeing the letter just added more pressure on him making a decision. Finished, he puts it in his bag and looks at Suzune one last time, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Suzune-sensei.”

Suzune doesn’t respond; she only gives him a slight nod. Bag over his shoulder, Masahiro heads towards the rear exit of the room.

* * * * *

“Hey Gramps! I’m here!”

Closing the door to the shop behind him, Masahiro leaves his bag on a nearby hook. He heads over to a sushi counter and takes a seat, looking at all of the various kinds of seafood and sea creatures on display behind glass. He looks behind the counter, but only sees a small green divider that leads to the back of the shop.

Making his voice louder, Masahiro tries to call out to the owner, “Gramps! You back there?”

A woman’s voice responds with a shout, “Give him a second! He’ll be right out!”

Even though Masahiro is at the front end of the shop, he can hear loud crashes, plates breaking, and an elderly man pleading for his life all coming from the back end.

“C’mon! It was just a peek! It’s not the first time I’ve done it and you know it!”

“And every time, you know I’m gonna knock you outside the head!”

In between the bickering of the older man and the woman, an elephant’s cry rings throughout the entire shop. A split second later, a body goes flying through the wall, crashing into the sushi counter. Although any normal person would have ran out of the shop in pure terror and fright, Masahiro remains unfazed and takes a look behind the remains of he counter.

His gray ponytail somehow moving on its own, and his clothes torn, the elderly man lies face down on the floor, motionless.

“You alright, Gramps?”

“He’s just fine.”

Masahiro looks toward the hole in the wall and sees a stunning, tall beauty casually walking through the wall. White, baggy pants with a black belt tied around her waist, a sleeveless yellow button up top trying its best to stay closed, and long, black hair that reaches down her legs, Jasmine walks over to the counter and looks at the elderly man on the floor.

“Damn perv was trying to get a peek at me in the shower. You’d think after all these years that he’d learn by now.”

Masahiro changes his attention to Jasmine, “You make it seem like it’s an issue, but you two are still married.”

“I love the idiot,” Jasmine gently kicks the elderly man in his side, but he barely moves, “All of his pervy stuff included. That’s what makes him ‘him.’” Jasmine looks at Masahiro and puts her hand on her hip, “So, what’s up?”

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