Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Creepy Crawly in the Attic (Part 2)

What the hell?

“What the hell are you talking about? And what were you doing in the attic?”

Sam looks at me with those teary, puppy dog eyes and reaches over the tub to use the edge of my blouse as a handkerchief, “Sorry.”


Sam gets out of the tub and latches onto my arm, “I was up in the attic cleaning it so that by the time you’d get home, you would see how nice I would have made it and you would have rewarded me with something.”

“Is that honestly why you went into the attic?”

“… Kinda?”

I roll my eyes and shrug it off, “Whatever. Anyways, apparently you saw something that made you run out like a scared little girl.”

“I did, I did! There was a spider lurking inside one of the boxes and it leaped out and tried to attack me!” Sam latches onto my arm even tighter, cutting off blood flow in a few spots, “I managed to escape with my life!”

“… A spider? You started freaking out over a spider?”

“You had to be there to see it! It was all creepy and crawly and I felt its tiny little legs walking all over my hand and just— ugh, hate that little thing!”

I let out both a mental and a real sigh with the frustration of having to deal with such a small issue. “Alright, where is the little thing?”

“I trapped it in the attic so it couldn’t get out. And I’m not going back in there until YOU go in there and kill it.”

“Why? It’s just one little spider, it can’t kill anything except for like flies caught in a web.”

“No no no no no! I want it dead!”

Sam suddenly lets go of my arm, but ends up throwing herself straight into me and burying her face into my chest. I look down at her and I can actually feel her shaking a bit; she must really be terrified. Using the normal way to try and calm her down, I give her a few pats on the head and comb my fingers through her hair for a bit.

“Please, Alexis…?”

She’s not looking up at me, but I still give her a little nod, “Sure.”

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