Winged Friend

The harpy’s face lights up with excitement as she’s finally able to take that leap from being a harpy youngling to a full grown one, “Sweet! Okay, I’m gonna go outside and get a head start, so just give me a minute!”

Energetic and ready to go, the young harpy spins around on her leg and sprints through the living room towards the back porch of the house. Her excitement for taking the next step has completely taken over her train of thought as she’s running around. However, before she’s able to take on this feat, there’s one thing that she must overcome.

With the back porch in sight, the harpy starts flapping her wings to prepare for flight. Sadly, her flight gets canceled as she suddenly crashes into an invisible force unannounced to her; she slams her her head face first and falls onto her back.

Since Harpies have the features of both humans and birds, that includes both the positives and the negative features. And, just like the typical bird, harpies are unable to clearly see glass windows. In this case, our young harpy crashed face first into a glass panel to the backyard.

Witnessing the entire thing unfold, Mr. Takiyama tries his best not to burst out into laughter, holding his hands over his mouth as tightly as possible, Her face made a thud sound! Even though he’s clearly having a good laugh, he gets up from the couch and walks over to the harpy, crouching down to get a better look at her.

“You okay?”

Stuck in a daze, the young harpy has one of her wings covering her face, “I have such a headache now… What the hell happened?”

“You flew into a glass window. You still want to do this thing?”

She slowly shakes her head, “No… I’ll look like I’m flying drunk with this headache I got… We’ll do it tomorrow.”

Mr Takiyama shrugs and makes his way back to the couch, “Your call.”

Feeling a weird mix of confusion, embarrassment, and pure rage, our young harpy lays on the ground and keeps her face covered. She lets out a loud sigh, “I hate glass…”


— via Daily Prompt:Cusp

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