Legends of the Dark: Arctic Mansion (Part Two)

Suzume tightens her grip on the dagger, “I’ll find you Sis… I swear I will.”

Done with this room, Suzume heads towards the door and exits, heading back into the hallway. She retraces her footsteps through the hall and comes back to the door that had a lock on it. She takes the key out of her pocket to see if the symbol on it matches with the lock; it does. She slowly turns the key in the lock, causing it to fall off of the door and crash onto the floor.

“Damn, that’s a heavy lock. Almost broke the floorboards.”

With nothing stopping her from entering the door, she turns the doorknob with ease and can open the door. When she opens the door, the room is brightly lit with a few candles and moonlight shining through the exposed window. Dusted and eroded from years of neglect, the floorboards lightly creak under Suzume’s footsteps. Although most of the room is barren and empty, there are two futons thrown on the floor, each one with a lifeless body placed on top.

Hesitant, Suzume keeps the dagger out in front of her in case the bodies suddenly decide to draw breath. She begins to think that there must be some kind of reason as to why this room was locked off aside from capturing the creatures in here.

Inching her way past the futons, she looks around at the back of the room for any possible leads or clues that could help. Feeling like the corpses won’t attack, she puts the dagger away in her back pocket. Nothing in sight on the floor or the walls, Suzume brings her attention to the window. It’s a simple wooden window blocked with a sliding wooden panel to prevent the air from coming in.

Thinking that there may be something outside that will give her some kind of clue, she opens the panel and looks out of the window. Behind the window is the narrow, dirt path that lead her here through the thick forest. The moon lit up the entire front of the mansion, showing the dead foliage on the lawn. As Suzume was looking at the ground, she saw a thick layer of white mist crawling along, completely covering the ground.

“What the hell is that…?” she says aloud to herself. The longer she watches the mist, the higher it rises. Shortly after, she could see a slender shadow walking through the mist. She couldn’t make out any fine details, just that the shadow was approaching the house with every step.

A wave of emotions start to flow through Suzume’s veins; the thought that her sister walking through the mist was taking over her mind. That’s the only possible outcome she could think of as she started to call out to the shadow, “Hikaru! Hikaru! I’m up here!”

It seems like calling out managed to grab the attention of the shadow; it suddenly comes to a stop and looks up, managing to look at Suzume directly behind the window panel. Acting like a person reaching for the stars, the shadow slowly raises its hand towards the panel.

“Hikaru, wait by the front door! I’ll be right th–”

Before could even finish her sentence, before she could even blink, a sudden wall of thick ice blocks the window panel, preventing her from being able to look outside. Caught off guard, Suzume starts slamming her fists on the ice to try and break her way through, but it’s useless; the ice is both too solid and much more frigid to the touch. Just having her fingers touch it sends needle point sensations through her entire arm.

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