Legends of the Dark: Arctic Mansion (Part Two)

During the middle of their sibling quarrel, a third voice starts ringing through the halls of the entire mansion. Not a yell, not a screech, but a soft, womanly voice singing some kind of song, sounding more like a ritual the longer somebody listens to it. Suzume looks back at the hallway to see if she can see anybody coming, but nobody’s there. She brings her attention back to Hikaru and is thrown into a state of panic.

As if the song has some kind of power over her, Hikaru struggles to stand and, without warning, collapses on the second floor.


A new surge of adrenaline starts making its way around Suzume’s body, making the cold sting of the mist seem to dissipate. However, when she tries to take a step, she comes to the realization that her feet are frozen in place. She uses all of her effort to try and free herself, but she doesn’t budge even the slightest.

“No… No no no. NO!”

Hoping that she would break free, Suzume continues anything she can to try and free herself. As she’s doing so, the singing voice becomes louder and louder from behind her. Then, as quickly as it started, the voice suddenly comes to a stop. On edge, Suzume reaches for the dagger in her back pocket and locks her grip around it. She turns around as far as she could to look behind her, but didn’t see anything down the hall. She turns back around and freezes up in place after seeing a figure standing in front of her.

Long, white hair with ends that reach the wooden floor, colorless skin seeming like porcelain, and dressed in a light blue, highly detailed women’s kimono that also drags along the floor, a tall and slender woman looks down at the frozen Suzume with narrow eyes. Her face is flawless without even the slightest of wrinkles and her eyes are a much darker blue, visible in even the lowest of light. Just from standing in front of the woman, Suzume can feel a dangerously icy air surrounding her.

The woman slowly brings her hand up and caresses Suzume’s cheek as if she could feel a warmth coming from her. As she moves her fingers back and forth, ice starts to form wherever they touch and spread outward, eventually covering Suzume’s entire body.

With a small smile the woman whispers, “Rest your tired eyes for now. Your turn shall come soon.”

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