Legends of the Dark: Arctic Mansion (Part Two)

“Damn it, what kind of ice is this?!” Suzume shouts. She looks at the side of her first and it’s already covered red from the icy sting. As she was so focused on the ice wall in front her her, she didn’t notice the white mist covering the entire floor. She can feel a long chill creeping up her pants legs and straight through her jacket and along her spine. She notices she can see her breath without issue, making her own mist with her mouth.

Trying to manage her shivering, Suzume turns around and heads back for the door, “Shit, I’m going to turn into an ice block if I stay in here any longer.”

Just a few steps from the door, a loud groaning fills the room, followed by an icy grip reaching for Suzume’s ankle. She looks down and sees one of the bodies has come to life, its decayed mouth wide open as it tries to gnaw at her.

“I knew these bastards were alive!” Suzume shouts as she tries to shake the creature off of her leg. Managing to shake free, she kicks the creature in his head, making it whiplash back violently almost enough to snap all the way back. Suzume lunges for the door knob, but doesn’t realize that it’s covered in ice. As she tries to get the door open, she winces and lets out small cries as she can feel the cold spreading out from her hand and through her entire arm. After enduring long enough, she manages to get it open and slams it behind her, but soon realizes that she isn’t in the clear just yet; the floor in the hallway is covered in the same white mist.

Running low on time as she can feel her body tightening from the mist, Suzume looks around to find some place that isn’t being flooded with the mist. The only place in sight with the least amount of mist is the front entrance. Without a moment to waste, she sprints down the hall and stops in front of the door. She starts looking for a possible exit.

“Come on, come on. There has to be a place where I can get away from this stuff, right?”

“Suzume, is that you?”

Suzume can hear a voice calling her voice echoing in the entryway coming from above. It’s a voice she’s all too familiar with. She looks up and in clear view is her younger sister, Hikaru. As much as Suzume is overcome with joy for seeing her baby sister, she can’t help but worry about what has happened to her.

Dark blue splotches are visible up and down Hikaru’s legs. Her skin seems much more paler than it normally is back home, making her brightly colored sweatshirt and skirt stand out much more. Her once gleaming, dark brown hair has become dull and slowly losing color, giving her white streaks in some places.

“Hikaru… What happened to you? You look so… lifeless.”

“Sis, don’t worry about me right now,” Hikaru exclaims. She leans over the weak second floor railing to get a better look at the floor below, “Listen to me, you need to get out of here. You shouldn’t have come for me.”

Anger slowly rise within Suzume, who would have never imagined to hear those kind of words coming from her baby sister, “What are you talking about? We need to both get the hell out of here. There’s these weird, corpse-looking things walking around here trying to kill us!”

“I know and that’s why you need to get out of here without me. The process already started for me and I don’t want it to get you too!”

“Process? What process?”

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