Shakespeare in the Sunset

“Have you ever noticed how the sky looks during the sunset?”

“I’m pretty sure everybody has at least once. I mean, who wouldn’t notice the sky changing colors during the day?’

“No, I mean have you actually noticed the sky during a sunset? Have you ever just stopped whatever the hell you were doing and stared at the sunset and started thinking about your life and how special it is just like a sunset?”

“… Are you high, Rebecca? Because you sound so high right now.”

“Maybe just a bit.”

I looked over at Rebecca and gave her a nice, hard pinch on the side of her cheek, “You’re dumb as a bag of rocks.”

She gave me a small shrug before putting her hands behind her head, “Yeah, I know. Still doesn’t stop me from playing along with your jokes. Gotta have some fun while we’re alive, right? Considering what we’re doing now, we need some fun.”

It seemed like she wanted to spark a new conversation topic, so I sat up with my leg crossed and squinted at her, “So, you’re saying that it’s boring laying on the grass while watching the sunset with me?” Keeping up the dramatics, I act like I was in a classical opera-style story and suddenly fall back down. I grabbed the collar of my tank top and let out a loud sigh, “Such cold, cruel words thou hast spoken. Thou hast pierced my own heart with the icy dagger formed of words!”

I laid there for a moment just to let the passion and the drama sink in for a bit, hoping she would play along. After about a minute I got back up and looked down at Rebecca; she had her green hoodie over her face.

“Awe, come on! Why didn’t you play along?”

She keeps the hoodie over her face, but her words were still clear, “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were dead from my ‘icy dagger formed of words.’ Hang on, let me revive you with a warm hand.”

Still, with that damn hoodie on her face, Rebecca felt around for the ground to see how far away she was from me. Once she reached my ankle, she dragged her hand all across my body until she was able to get a nice and firm grip on my breast.

She let out a chuckle, “There. Did my warm touch bring your body heat back?”


“Love you, too.”

Damnit, she caught me on that.

As much as I could easily have a fit with Rebecca groping me, I can’t bring myself to do it; she always knows what to say when she does something stupid to keep her out of trouble. All I did was swipe her hand away from my chest and laid back down next to her, keeping my eyes on the orange colored sky.

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