Burning Daylight

Damnit, I’m falling asleep in this damn car ride. Why the hell did he have to drag me out of bed so early? If I even try to fall asleep, he’ll slap me in the head to wake me up.

With my head resting against the passenger side window, I try to get a look at the nighttime forest behind it, but the glare of dad’s image is taking up half of the window. He has a big grin on his face as he’s focusing on the wide, empty road. It’s so dead and quiet at it, the road seems like something’s going to pop out of the forest at any moment, like an ax murderer or a massacre survivor in the movies. That would be more interesting than what dad has planned for us…

“How much further do we have?” I ask through my yawning.

He looks at his wristwatch and says, “It’s five-thirty now, so we should be there just after six.” For some reason, he slaps his hand against the steering wheel and lets out a laugh, “I can just feel the excitement building every mile we’re driving! I bet you can’t wait until we get out there huh, Dan?”

“I can’t wait until we leave that place and drive me. Why are we going so early? The sun isn’t even up yet!”

“I remember when I was your age, all hormonal and learning about life. I wanted to have fun and be out all night.”

“I spend most of my free time in my room playing games… What’re you trying to get at, dad?”

“There was a moment when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to party forever. My own dad told me that I had to grow up and become a man. That’s when he took me out for my ‘Rite of Passage.’”

“A boring fishing trip at six in the morning?”

“Yup! And now that you’re at that age, it’s time for you to become a man!”

These next few hours are going to be some of the worst I’ve ever had to endure… Kill me.

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