You’re Going Even If I Drag You

“I said no.”

“And I said your family wants to see you! Now get your ass up, get dressed, and get in the car!”

Such a demanding tone and authority from a usually polite and sweet woman. If people were to hear stories about this wonderful lady acting angry and using words that doesn’t suit such a kind soul, nobody would believe it. To the general public, she’s a lovely housewife who wants the best for her family. To her friends, she’s the peacekeeper among them all that doesn’t want conflict of any kind. And at home… she’s the warden.

As for her son, he’s just your average teenager: likes spending time with friends, staying home playing video games, and happy to be out of school for the summer. He tends to stay out of trouble often, considering the fact that he naturally doesn’t like to be in a crowd and has little faith in humanity due to stupid acts and incidents.

Even if there’s a crowd of family members somewhere, he’ll be more than happy not to attend if they told him to stay home. However, it’s the complete opposite. Every time a family gathering is happening everybody, from the little children to the one uncle that only shows up for the food asks for him. His mother always tells them that he’s busy with school work even though that’s not always true. But since it’s summer vacation, that excuse can’t work.

Arms crossed and anger in her eyes, the mother calls her son out, “Stop being lazy and come see your family. Everybody’s dying to see you!”

Keeping his attention focused on the rapid pace video game on his TV screen, the son shrugs and says, “I guess they’ll be dying before they see me again.”

“You ungrateful…”

“It’s not my fault that our family is boring. Besides, nobody who has the same interests as me is gonna be there.”

“What’re you talking about. Your favorite cousin does the same thing you like to do.”

The son glances at his mother, “Yeah, and she told me she wasn’t going. Thus, I have no point in going.”

The mother walks further into the room and starts rummaging though the clothes closet. Various shirts and tops of simple designs and colors, followed by a small selection of jeans and pants. Without properly looking at everything, she grabs a shirt and pair of jeans and throws them on her son’s bed, “Put these on now. You’re coming with me and you’re going to have fun. There’ll be food, fireworks, and a loving family who just wants to see you. Besides, you need some time out in the sun. You’re paler than a ghost.”

“I’m fine looking transparent.”

Tired of hearing his stupid replies and answers, she walks over to where he’s sitting and grabs him by the collar of his t-shirt, and with little effort, begins dragging him from the bed and along the floor, “You’re going even if I have to drag you along with me.”

Caught off guard by the sudden interrogation tactic, the son’s controller goes flying out of his hand and he tries to break his way free, “Fine, fine! Just let me save first! If I don’t save now, I won’t be able to save again for the rest of the game!”

“No time for that. Everybody’s already at the BBQ today. Plus, Uncle Ron just there and I don’t want to miss any of his jokes.”

Hearing the name was enough to invoke fear into her son’s mind, “Oh God, no! Not Uncle Ron! All he does is get piss drunk and make terrible dad jokes! He doesn’t even have any kids and he knows how to make shitty puns!”

— AN: Happy Independence Day!

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