Embarrassing Drinks

“Do I really have to do this?”

“I said so, so do it, damnit!”

Jesus… I’m already regretting this.

Elizabeth slowly took off the over-sized hood and was forced to look at the small crowd of people in front of her, easily counting at least thirty people scatted around the area. Most of them were all dressed in their own styles for a night of clubbing and bar-hopping. Five people had on a matching uniform, consisting of a black top with the bar’s logo brightly displayed in a neon green font. Laughed, music, and the pungent whiff of various delicious foods filled the bar.

Although most of the people were focused on their own conversations or too busy trying to keep score with one of the sports games being shown on the televisions, Elizabeth couldn’t help but feel numerous pairs of eyes on her. And none of their gazes was part of her intentions, but because of her mother.

Every payday Elizabeth enjoyed herself at a local bar for a few drinks before heading home to a cramped apartment with her family. Being twenty-two and having to share a bedroom with a twelve-year-old can easily tire a person or, and Elizabeth was no exception. However, hey chaotic life at home wasn’t the main focus of tonight: it was her trying not to die if embarrassment from her mother.

Although her mother was the one who introduced her to the staff of the bar, Elizabeth casually began to know each of the bartenders, hosts and waitresses. She knew them and they knew her. She practically cemented herself as a family member in the bar. However, she was worried all of that would change after tonight.

Trying to keep hidden in the darkest corner of the bar, Elizabeth let out a tired sigh and looked at her shirt again, “Why are you making wear this? It’s embarrassing!”

Elizabeth’s mother responded, her face slowly getting more red with every sip from get large, glass cup, “Because it would be adorable! You never see a mother and daughter combo wearing matching tops at a bar!”

Every time Elizabeth darted her eyes at the window next to get, the glare from the city streets would prevent her from seeing though it, forcing her to witness her on reflection. A girl with lightly tanned skin, like freshly melted caramel. Her dark brown hair was combed back, but reluctant loose stands stuck out on top. A pair of gently shredded blue jeans and a black and white striped zip- up hoodie was get usual style. The only thing that broke her casual look was the pasty white tank top that read “Mama’s Girl” in bright, bold pink letters. It was far, far away from get usual style of plain, single colored long-sleeve tops, occasionally with a pin with her interests on it.

Goddamn it, why on the one night I don’t invite get, she decides to come with me AND makes me wear this top? She knows I hate this shirt!

Forced to endure the long night, Elizabeth tried her best up blend into the dark corner of the bar, but the passing hood lights from every passing car revealed her hiding spot. She was doomed to suffer tonight.

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