Just the Usual Night [18+]

Customers came and gone, bottles broke rarely, and laughter and pleasant talk filled the air of the bar, a perfect Friday shift. No incidents occurred and the from look on the face of many, I could tell either some couples were made tonight, or somebody got the buns. Regardless, it was a good night for both staff and customers. As I was in the middle of making a new drink for some customers at a table, s sudden scent overcame me, a vanilla and roses scent filled my nose. I quickly finished making the drink and one of the hostess came to take it away as I brought my attention to the person leaning on the side of the bar.

The scenic lighting of the bar made her bobcut hairstyle seem pitch black, her turtleneck was still a bright blue and was long enough at the bottom to cover up whatever she was wearing around her waist, probably some daisy dukes. She rested her cheek on her hand and looked at me with a bright smile. It was Summer, the daughter of the bar owner.

Before she spoke, she gave me a small giggle and waved at me, “Hey there, Mr. Harte.”

“Hello, Summer. Enjoying yourself tonight?”

“Very much, actually. Very, very much.” Summer bit her bottom lip and let out a slow, enthusiastic sigh, “I’m just wonderful tonight.”

“Have you had your usual drinks tonight? A shot of vodka and a martini?”

“Actually, I only had one martini tonight. Well, one that I personally ordered. I had about four total.”

Four, huh? Which lucky person does she have her sights on tonight that would buy her three more?

As I’m looking at Summer’s flushed cheeks, I noticed a woman creeping up on her and grabbing Summer by the waist. Naturally, Summer shot straight up and screamed out of fear, but quickly calmed down when she realized who it was, “Oh Amanda, stop it! I already told you I scare easily.”

Amanda, a caramel-colored woman with bleached blonde hair, wrapped her arms around Summer’s waist and leaned over to respond, “I can’t help it. After you told me, I just had to try and scare you. Besides, it’s payback for getting me all hot and bothered earlier.”

Following Amanda’s movement, Summer sat up and leaned back reaching out to caress Amanda’s cheek, “I think I know a way I can fix that.” An impish grin took over Summer’s face when she asked me, “Is my dad upstairs in his office?”

A customer sitting at the bar counter ordered another drink, but I kept the conversation going while I had the ingredients moving around, “He doesn’t show up on weekend nights. They’re the busiest days of the week. Doesn’t like having to push his way through crowds.”

“Perfect.” In the blink of an eye, Summer turns around and looks at Amanda, grabbing her by the waist and whispering something in her ear. Although I can’t hear what she said, the expression in Amanda’s eyes gave it away, the way her eyes widened and lit up with excitement. However, she raised her eyebrow, probably filled with a bit of doubt.

“Are you sure we can do that? Won’t your father know somebody was in there?”

“Why are you so focused on my dad?” Whenever Summer has somebody in her sights, she makes sure that she gets them, regardless of who it is. Tonight was no exception.

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