Just the Usual Night [18+]

Surrounded by drunken customers, the air filled with all kinds of sweaty, sinful aromas, Summer wrapped her arms around the taller Amanda’s neck and pulled her down for an even eye level. However, they barely had a split second to look at each other before their lips were bound and pressed together. With the excitement roaring from the crowd behind them, the two pushed on and gave the crowd a small demonstration of what they planned to do behind closed doors.

Having to breakaway from the heat of the moment, Summer forced herself to look at me, her cheeks even more red from a lack of breath, “Is the door upstairs unlocked?”

I gave her an honest answer with a shrug, but I reached into one of my waist apron pockets and gave her a single silver key, “It shouldn’t be locked, but hold onto this just in case.”

I could see the lust in Summer’s eyes when she snatched the key out of my hand, “Thanks, Harte!” Taking Amanda by her hand, she guided her behind the bar and through the door that leads upstairs to the office.

Right before the door slammed shut, I called out to her and said, “Make sure you return that key to me before we close!”

I let out a mental sigh and shook my head, That girl can’t keep her panties on. At least nothing bad has come from it yet.

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