Don’t You Remember? (Part One) [18+]

Damn, my head’s pounding something fierce. It’s like somebody hit me in the head with a baseball bat. What the hell happened last night?

A bright, orange light shined right into my closed eyelids, forcing me out of my hazy sleep session. My entire body was well behind my waking mind, feeling like something was dragging me down into the soft comforter. In my attempt at blocking the light, I managed to roll over and bury my face in the closest thing my hands managed to grab at: my boyfriend.

I let out a small laugh as I let my hands feel around, paying extra attention to the smoothness of my boyfriend’s arms. They feel a bit slimmer than usual, probably because he’s relaxed in bed and not stressed out from a rough day at work, “Morning, baby. How’d you sleep?”

I didn’t get a response. He was probably still in a deep sleep, considering the fact that I could yell right in his ear and he still wouldn’t wake up. However, I’m not upset that he’s still asleep. He works really hard to provide for the both of us, so letting him get his rest is the least I can do. It wouldn’t stop be from having a bit of fun, though.

Closing the small gap between us I inched closer and pressed my chest against his back, feeling direct skin-on-skin contact with the gentle curve in his lower back. I eagerly pressed my hips against him, the subtle warmth from his soft bubble butt keeping me warm. By the time I got my hips onto a comfortable position and one leg wrapped around his leg, my hands already crept their way from his arms down to his waist, constantly running against the new curve in his waist, “Hun, your job is finally paying off. It feels like your dropped a pants size or two. All that lifting and bending is doing a number on you. It’s kinda turning me on.”

Whatever he’s doing at his job sure is slimming him down. He was already a nice size, but if he was losing a few more pounds, he’ll look even sexier. I just hope he’s losing it in the right places. Just to make sure, I let my hands go a bit further and go for a reach-around to give him a little surprise. Instead, I found a surprise of my own. Well, more like I didn’t find anything.

“Well, well. Looks like we have a morning sex person. Last night wasn’t enough for you?”

Last time I checked, my boyfriend has a deep, rugged voice that reminds me of a lumberjack for some odd reason; I never actually met one, but I imagined he sounds like one. This voice I just heard was the furthest thing from deep and rugged—it was feminine but more on the younger side, like somebody was just entering their first year of college.

By now, I’m more or less awake and able to to open by eyes, but part of me didn’t want to. I wanted to think that this was all some kind of surrealistic dream that I’m too deep into. Any minute now I’ll wake up and realize that I’m actually in my comfortable bed wrapped around the arms of my loving boyfriend. Yeah, that’s it.

With that in mind, I quickly let go of the person next to me and patiently lied in bed. A deep sigh escaped me and I curled up underneath the thin blanket. I didn’t notice at first, but there was a faint strawberry scent coming from it. None of the scented thing I have smell like strawberry. Everything that’s happening right now isn’t a dream, is it?

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