Don’t You Remember? (Part One) [18+]

The bed shifted a bit, probably because the other person got up. However, it quickly shifted again, this time the bed sunk a bit below me. I couldn’t take it anymore and opened my eyes. The first thing I awoke to wasn’t the sight of my boyfriend. It was the topless breasts of another woman. At first glance, I could tell that they went through something rough since her nipples were puffy and there was some kind of red ring around it. There were a few red spots across her entire chest actually, almost like somebody was kissing on her.

“Admiring your work, are you? You were really gentle and took your time with me.”

I glanced up and catch a clear look at a face, roundish around the cheeks and fairly pale. Bright blue eyes sparkled down at me and brunette hair hung low and brushed across my nose. If this was a mirror above me, it was obviously broken. Whoever the hell I was looking at, she had to be no older than twenty-two. But that was the least of my concerns at the moment.

I managed to slide out from underneath this girl and carefully sat up on the edge of the bed. The room was covered in an orange glow coming through the window. The whole place was a bit small for a one-bedroom, but it looked bigger with the lack of furniture around; there was only a full-sized bed, a dresser with three drawers, and a half empty bookshelf with an assortment of different kinds of books. The floor looked like imitation wood flooring and was clear of any mess, with the exception of my clothes being thrown into a pile on the floor. Perched right on top was the pair of purple panties I had on yesterday.

My stomach sank as everything started clicking in my mind like a puzzle. I had to lean over and keep my head in my hands to try and think. As I’m trying to figure out exactly what happened last night, all of which was a blur, the girl pressed her chest against my back and wrapped her arms around.

She seemed pretty embarrassed about having a complete stranger in her room, but she still said, “Thank you for last night. I had a lot of fun with you.”

Now was the best time for me to try and get answers. As confused as I was, there was on thing I wanted to know. I took a deep breath and looked at the girl from the corner of my eye and asked, “We fucked last night, didn’t we?”

Her face lit with with a smile and she nodded.


“I hope I wasn’t too bad for you. Last night was my first time, so I don’t really have experience with this kind of stuff.”

“Wait, you’re a virgin?”

“I was. Until last night. You were my first.”

Oh, Christ. Not only did I cheat on my boyfriend, I cheated on him with a girl who was a damn virgin. How the fuck did I manage to be taken home by a damn virgin? Know what? That’s not the point. Right now, I need to get the fuck out of here and back home.

After a moment of cursing myself out in my head I pushed the girl’s arms away from me and picked up my clothes, putting them on to try and get out of this place as fast I could. I don’t even want to stick around to try and piece together the events of last night. As far as I’m concerned, I was never here and I don’t know who the hell this girl is.

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