Wishing Well

“You really believe in this thing, Jamie? I mean, come on, there’s no way something like that exists. It’s not real, just a made-up rumor.”

Jamie shot me a side-eyed glance and walked up to the open well, leaning on the edge to look down. “It’s only a rumor if nothing happens, right? Valerie came here last week to make a wish, and it came true. She finally got those new boots she wanted.” Valerie brought her head back up and looked back at me. “This well is the real deal.”

I shook my head and sighed, letting Jamie live in her world of make believe and fantasy. However, I couldn’t just burst her bubble; she was happy about this new wishing well discovery. I gave her a shrug and said that anybody could have bought her friend those boots. She denies that, wholeheartedly believing in the mystical powers of this well. She stuck out her tongue and leaned on the edge of the well.

I quickly reached out and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling her back down when I saw her feet rise off of the ground. “Careful. Lean in any more and you would have fell straight in.”

“But Dan, I think there’s somebody down there.”

I didn’t believe her right away. “What are you talking about? It’s a well. It’s probably just the echo of your voice bouncing from wall to wall.”

Jamie quickly pushed off of the well and landed on her feet. She took a few paces back, her hand frantically reaching out behind for something. When she felt the design of my shirt, she grabbed a clump of it and held tight. I began watching her reaction, noticing the shakiness in her arm and the wobbling in her slim legs. She finally turned out to face me. Her eyes were flooded with tears trickling down her rosy cheeks. Even her voice was trembling something fierce when she spoke, barely able to tell me what she heard.

“T-T-There’s somebody i-in the well.”

My gut started churning when I saw the distress in my little sister’s eyes. The usually light glimmer in her sky blue eyes were faded and dull. Her vibrant, blonde hair lost its sheen. She reached over and grabbed onto me with her other hand, almost trying to pull me down to her.

I tried to pull myself back, but her sudden strength was relentless, “Jamie, relax. I’m sure you’re just heard—”

“There’s somebody calling out to me! There’s somebody in the well!”

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