Wishing Well

As much as I wanted to disbelieve what Jamie was saying, the way she was reacting had a powerful effect on me. I couldn’t deny her cries. If I did, she would surely hate me for not believe in his only sibling, and that alone would damage my pride. I looked at the well; the edge of the cobblestone edge was showing signs of age, cracks and broken pieces all along the wall. A big piece of stone where Jamie was leaning on slowly rolled out of place. From the way it looked, a person with enough weight could easily make a piece of the well collapse, causing them to fall in head first.

I tapped Jamie on the shoulder, telling her to take a few steps back from the well. I heard the sound of her sneakers walking through the grass as I walked closer to the well. Taking its condition in mind, I used one hand to grab onto the well as leverage and carefully leaned forward. For a few feet down the inside of the well was lit from the sun overhead, the cobblestone walls tightly packed and pressed together from dirt and nature. The very bottom of the well was shrouded in nothing but darkness, anything at the bottom completely hidden from the naked eye. I turned my head, letting an ear face down into the well. I cautiously waited to hear somebody speak. A minute or two passed before I brought myself back up.

I faced my little sister, worried by what she said, “I don’t hear anything, Jamie.”

Her trembling didn’t stop; her legs were still shaking, her knees practically knocking against each other. She took a few more steps away from the well, obviously overcome with fear “There’s somebody down there; they said my name.”

I watched my sister for just a moment more before I looked back into the well. As soon as my face turned back to the darkness below, my vision was completely blinded, something reaching up and covering my eyes. I felt thin objects grabbing onto the side of my face, as if it was fingers in a strong grip. They pressed against my temple, causing headaches to bounce back and forth in my head. Before I could scream out to Jamie, another grip came up and covered my lips, sealing any sounds from getting out.

What the fuck is going on, was a panicking thought that ran through my throbbing mind. I tried to push myself back up, but the grip on my face was pulling me back down into the well. In my struggle to try and force myself free, a woman’s voice echoed up from the well, raspy and garggled.

“Jamie… Jamie… Don’t make a wish….”

Copyright © 2019 by Luka Tatsujo

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