100 Word Story – A Space Tragedy (Part One)

The entire crew had some kind of gripe with the commander, considering his obnoxious attitude and know-it-all behavior.

Although he was of the rank of Commander, everybody felt that he didn’t deserve it, that it was handed to him on a silver platter.

And after dealing with him for long enough, some of the crew members finally decided to do something about him.

“Captain, we’re about to exit the light jump.”

Leaning back in his throne chair, in the center of the command center of the ship, Commander Lenard nodded with content, “Keep the course straight ahead, our destination won’t be too far now.”

The navigator, Lah-Mal, replied, “Aye, Captain.”

Commander Lenard changed his gaze towards the person sitting in front of him, “First Officer Diamond, has the new crew been fully trained of the ship?”

Rolling his eyes, First Officer Diamond let out a tired sigh before answering, “Training is complete, Sir.”

“Beautiful. I love it when a ship is in order.”

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