100 Word Story – A Space Tragedy (Part Three)

The entire crew had some kind of gripe with the commander, considering his obnoxious attitude and know-it-all behavior.

Although he was of the rank of Commander, everybody felt that he didn’t deserve it, that it was handed to him on a silver platter.

And after dealing with him for long enough, some of the crew members finally decided to do something about him.

“I hope the captain catches a bad case of dysentery and dies during an exploration,” Diamond announced before sipping his drink.

“But isn’t dysentery curable now with modern technology?” Yasain questioned.

Lah-Mal laughed, finishing her drink, “Not Glakvian dysentery. His insides will melt before he reaches the bathroom”

The trio laughed at the thought of Captain Lenard rushing to relive his bowels, eventually relieving himself before making it to the bathroom. However, even though it was a childish thought, dark intentions began brewing.

With a serious tone, Yasain asked, “Who has access to the quarantine labs?”

Diamond raised his hand.

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