100 Word Story – Young Lady (Part Three)

The officer knew something unusual was going on when he heard the strange sounds coming from the alleyway. At first, he had thought it was just some rats running around in the shadows. He was going to continue his nightly patrol.

Until he heard the shrieking cries of a girl coming from the dark in the alleyway.

“I said not to come any closer!”

An empty bullet casing bounced off of the ground, giving off a light ting sound when it hit the pavement. As much as he didn’t want to pull the trigger again the police officer kept his gun aimed at the girl.

The girl stopped her approach, leaning forward with her head hanging down. Her right shoulder had a hole going through it; blood trickled out and dripped down to her fingertips. Her whispers and cries came to a stop just like the rest of her body.

“Are you finally going to listen?” the officer asked with a tinge of hesitation.

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