100 Word Story – Young Lady (Part Four)

The officer knew something unusual was going on when he heard the strange sounds coming from the alleyway. At first, he had thought it was just some rats running around in the shadows. He was going to continue his nightly patrol.

Until he heard the shrieking cries of a girl coming from the dark in the alleyway.

“I said not to come any closer!”

The girl never responded nor did she move again. The officer thought she was finally going to listen. He couldn’t help but look at the disturbing angle that the girl’s foot had been in. Just looking at it sent unsettling chills up and down his back.

He brought his gun down and tried to sympathize with the injured girl, “Look. I don’t know why you’re out here alone, but you obviously need medical attention.”

Holstering his gun, he walked up to her and held his hand out.

The girl brought her head up, looked at the officer’s hand, and smiled.

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