100 Word Story – Scaredy-Cat (Part Two)

Do you remember when you were young and all of the children on the playground would play simple games of “Truth or Dare?” Do you remember that one kid who everybody teased all because he or she was so easily frightened?

Did you ever have to do a dare that made you quake in your shoes? Made you run away crying? Perhaps urinate out of fear?

Well, today was young Shane’s turn to do a dare. And it’s all because he couldn’t keep his timid mouth shut.

The boys quickly walked behind one another as they went across the playground and stopped at a large bush. One of them opened it, revealing a small hole in a fence that lead to forest clearing. Within their line of sight was a small shed.

The boys all gazed at the decaying wooden shed, its front door covered in thick moss and barely standing. They looked back and saw Shane trying to creep his way back to the playground.

“T-This is a bad idea, you guys,” Shane cowardly admitted.

The boys laughed and grabbed him, pushing him through the hole.

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