100 Word Story – Scaredy-Cat (Part Three)

Do you remember when you were young and all of the children on the playground would play simple games of “Truth or Dare?” Do you remember that one kid who everybody teased all because he or she was so easily frightened?

Did you ever have to do a dare that made you quake in your shoes? Made you run away crying? Perhaps urinate out of fear?

Well, today was young Shane’s turn to do a dare. And it’s all because he couldn’t keep his timid mouth shut.

“Don’t wuss out!”

“You gotta do it, you wimp!”

“You know you’re too scared to do it!”

Shane’s sobbing was masked from the crunching of dead autumn leaves under his feet. The wind whistled through the trees, seeming to invite the boy to come closer to the clearing.

His young brain wanted to turn around and run away, but his feet continued walking towards the old shed. Shane couldn’t control his body, as if something was dragging him along.

“Why am I doing this?” he cried.

He approached the shed, grabbing the cold, rusty door handle.

The door suddenly rattled.

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