100 Word Story – Scaredy-Cat (Finale)

Do you remember when you were young and all of the children on the playground would play simple games of “Truth or Dare?” Do you remember that one kid who everybody teased all because he or she was so easily frightened?

Did you ever have to do a dare that made you quake in your shoes? Made you run away crying? Perhaps urinate out of fear?

Well, today was young Shane’s turn to do a dare. And it’s all because he couldn’t keep his timid mouth shut.

The teacher greeted each student with a warm smile as they walked back into the classroom. The boys rushed past the teacher, keeping their shameful heads down to prevent any eye contact.

Thinking everybody has returned, the teacher began pacing back and forth at the front of the classroom as she read off names on an attendance sheet. Every student replied with a simple “Here.” When Shane was called, nobody responded. The teacher called out again, but still nobody responded.

Curious, the teacher then asked the class if anybody saw Shane return to the class.

The boys answered first, “No.”

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