100 Word Story – Working Cog (Finale)

Nobody likes having to constantly report to their superiors or feeling like another cog in a massive machine. What kind of person wants to only work themselves to death for somebody or something that barely acknowledges their existence?

Fredrick first started out with the warm, bubbly naiveness of an intern looking for their break into the industry. Once it was all over, he slowly started to lose his soul.

Perhaps he started to lose his mind as well…?

Everybody whispered as they saw Fredrick being escorted out of the office in handcuffs. Gasps of shock and surprise, mutters of disappointment, faint chants of bewilderment, everybody reacted to seeing his bloodied body walking out.

The woman who opened the door was brought over to a nearby cubical, where a police officer tried to calm her out of a panicked state. All she could do was shiver with terror and shake her head, unable to answer any questions.

Her eyes darted around, looking for something comforting to focus on. Unfortunately, she saw an officer holding a blood-stained stapler walking by.

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