100 Word Story – Failing Negotiations (Part Four)

Police and government officials go through years of training in order to refine and craft their skills. They learn the art of the firearm, hand-to-hand combat and defense, and even learn the power of the voice in order to defuse situations.

There are those who specialize in the way of words in order to bring about solutions and resolve dangerous situations: they are called negotiators. They are the best at getting into people’s heads and thoughts, hoping to bring an end to a conflict as peacefully as possible.

They also have the power to say the absolutely wrong things and only make the situations much, much worse than it should have been.

“Are snipers in position?” the woman asked.

The chief answered, “Yeah. Why?”

The woman nodded and brought her attention back to the sixth floor, “Hey, what’s your name?”


“Hey, Rodrick. I’m Lucy. Listen, this isn’t the way you get your children back—this is how to lose them forever.”

Rodrick froze with thought. He slowly brought the gun down.

“Come on, man,” the woman continued. “It doesn’t have to be this way. We can work this out peacefully. Come talk to me by the window.”

Lured in by Lucy’s words, the man stood right in front of the window.

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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