Late-Night Rush Hour

Late-Night Rush Hour

Being stuck on the closing shift at work is never really an enjoyable thing. Having to start your day by coming into work during the busiest hour of the day and having to stay until it’s as quiet as a graveyard can be quite annoying, especially if you’ve been stuck on that shift for over two years. On top of that, being forced to deal with customers all while holding a fake smile on your face makes all the worse.

But once you finally finish up closing the store for the night—counting the drawers, printing out the daily sales reports, cashing out any tips left from deliveries—hearing that metal shutter slam down every night is an amazing thing to hear. Walking through the city all while letting the nigh breeze naturally cool you off is such a relaxing thing to have when walking to the trains to take you home.

This became my nightly routine. After dealing with a stressful day at work, that brief walk to the trains helped me unwind as I waited for the trains to take me home. Normal as usual.

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