Don’t Worry, Luka isn’t Dead. I’m Just Very, Very Tired

Don’t Worry, Luka isn’t Dead. I’m Just Very, Very Tired

Now, to let something off of my chest that’s been eating me up for weeks. Not a single day passes without me feeling some kind of way about this. The two-month long drought of no content. And I can say is “I’m absolutely sorry for the deepest part of my soul.” There were so many days when I wanted to just wake up and type up some little thing for you guys to read, but I felt like if I did it, I would have done it just because I wanted to stay in people’s minds; I would have done it to stay relevant instead of doing it because I liked it or wanted to. A lot of times when I post stories onto the site it’s because it’s either a story I was working on for a long time or because I just wanted to share a quick one-shot idea that I didn’t want to go to waste. But with all of those posts, I always had fun writing it. Whether it’s story told over multiple chapters of one week of 100-word stories, I always enjoyed thinking about the story, the plot, and the characters in them. And I always felt like that if I managed to put those thoughts into my works, then people would naturally remember me, even if I suddenly vanished for a bit. I wanted my truth and enjoyment to come through my words, and even after being gone for two months, I still hold that to heart. That’s why it hurts when I suddenly up and stop posting for you guys. So once again, I’m truly sorry for leaving you guys high and dry.

With that being said, was this a testament to me being able to go back to normal? No. As long as my job continues to be understaffed and overworked, I cannot and will not be able to go back to my normal posting schedule. My entire being is stretched too thin, both physically and mentally. On my days off now, I typically spend it sleeping more to try and get my strength back. If I am awake, I’m buried deep into my video games with a beer can on hand. Work has me so stressed that on my days off I just want to turn my brain off to relax. Once I’m able to have a nice, long vacation to be able to do nothing, I’ll slowly make my way to a new posting schedule. For the time being, I’ll try my best to try and post something for y’all to read.

There’s so much I could address in this little update post, but with all of the news, social media posts, and quick word-of-mouth spreading of everything going on, it would almost feel redundant talking about it here. If anybody is curious about my opinion about something or just wanted to ask any questions, just know that my email is always open to you guys. And even then, feel free to contact me on Twitter, too. I may not be so active on it recently, but I’m always open to staying in contact with you guys.

Stay safe out there, and I’ll be back soon!

— Love, Luka T.

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