100 Word Story – Denying Attention (Part Three)

People who do anything for attention are the lowest of the low, not caring who they hurt or what they do in order to become the star of the show. They demand attention through force, coercing by using their body, or even faking kindness to make people look at them. They get exactly what they want. And somebody else is always behind them in order to clean up their mess.

Having to clean up behind their mother is something a daughter shouldn’t have to do. Seeing various random men coming home, hearing all kind of sounds coming from behind closed doors, that stuff just builds up over time. People around the neighborhood would walk up to me and ask “If your mother free sometime tonight?”

It’s enough to drive you insane.

An overwhelming urge to laugh washed over me. I just couldn’t help but burst out into laughter as I stared at my mother lying lifeless in the tub, nude and gutted like a fish. I grabbed my sides, flailing around as I continued to laugh away.

I looked at the red-stained mess as her body drained out into the tub.

Finally able to calm myself down with a deep sigh, I shook my head, “The irony in the situation. Even in your cold, lifeless, dead state, I’m still cleaning up after you. You still taunt me even in death, huh?”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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