City of Rumors (Part One)

There’s nothing quite like living in a small city with only a couple thousand of people who all practically know each other. There’s the hustle and bustle of a normal metropolitan city, with the wave of businessmen, school students, and business owners coming in the morning and leaving in droves in the late afternoon to early evening. Shops and eateries are everywhere along side with a small park to relax in, so that’s always a neat thing to see.

Slowly branch away from the city and you’ll find the little suburban residential neighborhoods where the other half of a small city is prominent. Children running around having fun, people walking their pets up and down the street without a care, and neighbors waved at each other from across the street. The calm life in a small city was a great thing.

Except for when the rumors spread around faster than wildfire. If one person knew, everybody knew. If you was on one person’s bad side, you were on everybody’s bad side.

They invited him over for a large dinner, and he spat in their faces and scared them off.

At least, that’s how the rumors went.

The entire neighborhood was silent. From across the street, the woman spoke in a casual tone, “You know the rule, right?”

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