City of Rumors (Part One)

“There’s a new moving truck outside of the old Woods’ home. It’s been empty for only a couple of months. I guess the realtor finally managed to sell the house.”

“Did anybody get a glimpse of the new family moving in?”

“There’s not much to it—just a single man moving into a family home built for four.”

The old women continued their gossip session. That was all the elderly had to do for fun in this city. Well, gossip and swing around town with each others’ husband and wife. Apparently, the Johnson Family and the Warrens have been holding a weekly get-together where the husbands and wives would swap spouses and just have one weekend-long fest of pleasure. At least, that’s the rumor going around. Honestly, the thought of seeing saggy skin and hearing the ugly sound of wet genitals is a heavy turn off.

The two old women continued to talk about the recent addition to the neighborhood before switching topics to the current line-up for game night over at the senior citizen center. On that note I casually got up from my bench in the park and started walking back home in the spring breeze. Today was a bit colder for my liking, so I zipped up my black hoodie.

The city was rather small, consisting of just over thirty-thousand of us. It was a rather large number for a small urban city, but once you knew enough people, it wasn’t so bad. The center of the city consisted mostly of business building and shops with city hall resting dead in the middle. As you went further out into the suburbs, that’s where the homes and residentials started showing up. It was only a twenty-five minute drive to and from the city on a good day. Taking the public transport could take anywhere between thirty minutes to a full hour if traffic was bad. I usually preferred to take the hour-long walk just for the hell of it.

I went into the local pizza shop to grab me a slice and ate it on my way home. The sounds of the bustling city slowly faded to the quiet, calm sounds of the suburbs. A couple cars came and went as I got closer to home, some kids running around for fun playing tag.

As I got onto the my street, I saw the new moving truck that the old women were talking about, a plain, unmarked truck with a small back. A number of boxes were places in the street and on the curb. The house the truck was parked in front of was a simple brick house, two floors high with a small wooden fence walling around from front to back, just like a lot of the other houses in the area. There was a lonely man walking back and forth into the house, picking up a box or two to bring inside. I guess the gossip the old women had was right.

It was rather weird seeing just one guy moving into a house that was made for a family of four. Maybe he was just moving in early before the rest of his family arrived? Nonetheless, I didn’t dwell long on the idea and went home.

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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