My Young One (Part Eight) [18+]

“I-I’m here for a two-person reservation. I think the other person is here already, a Miss Polakoff?”

“Ahh, you’re the friend Anna mentioned earlier. She’s waiting for you. Please follow me.”

Grabbing a menu beforehand, the hostess smiled and escorted me through the quiet, empty restaurant. After having only a quick walk through the place, I noticed the exact angles and descriptions from the online reviews and pictures; it was the physical embodiment of a romantic Italian getaway. And I sure as hell didn’t fit in.

Walking past a number of tables, the hostess brought me to the back of the restaurant, stopping in front of a set of closed, large blue velvet curtains. She stepped to the side and pulled on a long hanging rope, slowly opening them. I had to quickly cover my eyes when a bright light came from behind the curtains.

Goddamn, this place really likes to make an entrance for people. I feel like a damn celebrity.

“Signorina Arianna has arrived for you, Signora Polakoff.”

“Grazie, Ezio.”

After waiting a moment I slowly uncovered my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the bright light. Finally able to see, I looked through to the other side of the curtains and suddenly felt my stomach fill with butterflies.

The curtains lead to a private table in an outdoor seating area, perfectly covered with a large awning to protect from any harsh weather. In the center was a small square table, a nice size for a couple looking to get a little personal. The closest chair to me was empty. Directly across from there sat Miss Polakoff.

Her arms were folded under her chest, legs crossed as she sat to the side in a relaxed posture. She let her hair down, the first time I’ve ever seen it like this, the jet black hair reaching her shoulders. Her skin was flawless and free of any blemishes, glistening in the natural sunlight. Breaking away from her usual clothes, she had on a white, one-piece dress, all of her curves showing.

Miss Polakoff smiled at me, her cheeks already red and flushed, “I’m so happy you made it, Arianna.”

I stood frozen at seeing her just sitting there, in awe at how a woman can look so beautiful in such a simple setting. “T-Thank you for inviting me, M-Miss Pola–”

“Call me Anna, sweetheart.”

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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