100 Word Story – Death in Moonlight (Part One)

The constant struggle of one’s life is the constant fight for their life. Whether it’s the search for the most luxurious of items to ease their pain, removing poison from a deadly creature to eat for sustenance, or on the literal brink of death from injury, a person’s life is always fighting for something.

In this case, these women were trapped in a horrific game where there was only one prize at the end. They would have to use every tactic they could, avoid any threats, and fight as they tried to escape with ultimate prize: their lives. The faintest slip of the finger, a single misstep, or making the slightest of noise would bring disaster upon them.

Will they be able to escape…?

The eerie caws of crows echoed throughout the forest. Faint, pulsating lights flashed in the distance from behind the leaves of tall tress that filled the area. A thick, purple mist descended upon us as we walked, making it harder just to see our feet beneath us.

“I’m not liking this, Nancy,” I whispered, trying to keep low behind a pile of rocks. “All we heard were screams, and we don’t know what we’re going up against.”

Nancy tried her best hide the shivering in her hands when she grabbed my shoulder, “We’ll make it out, Kate. I know it.”

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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