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Ol’ Saint Drunk

It’s that time of the year where people start wrapping gifts and spending time with loved ones and family. Massive dinners and large amounts of food will be consumed, feelings and emotions being shared with one another, and preparations for the upcoming new year will be made.

It’s also that time of the year where crowds of idiots go bar hopping from sun up until the black of night all dressed up as cheap dollar-store knockoffs of Santa. Half-empty cans of stale beer littered the floor, trails of vomit went lead from one bar to the next, and dozens of people would blackout from going upside-down on a keg.

Yep. It’s totally the winter holiday season when you see two women passed out on the curb when you’re headed to an early Christmas party.

I knew coming  out tonight was going to be a bad idea. I should really trust my gut a lot more.

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