100 Word Story – Stupid Question (Finale)

There’s that common saying of “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” While, at first, it takes some time to understand. Inside the classroom, asking questions is the best way to gain knowledge. At work, asking questions is the best way to understand how to perform your duties. At home, asking questions is the best way to make sure the family is doing fine.

But when it’s your best friend asking a question, they can honestly ask some really stupid questions.

My mind raced back and forth, doing a mental lap, thinking about Sasha’s question. No answer came to mind, so I shrugged.

“Ducks go quack, like to float on the water, and apparently really like to eat bread.”

Nothing significant came to mind about being a duck, except for the fact that their lives are kinda boring.

Sasha smiled at my answer, “So, does that mean you’ll dream about being a duck?”

“Absolutely not.”

Sasha’s smile instantly washed away, replaced with a frown of disappointment. Her cheeks puffed in a pout and she looked away from me.

A sigh came out from me after seeing Sasha get upset. I reached for her and wrapped my arm around her neck, “Ducks are cool.”

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Copyright © 2023 by Luka Tatsujo

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