Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 1

How are you feeling, Satoru?”

With one of the guest chairs pulled up to her brother’s hospital bed, Ayane Nagano calmly sits back in her seat. She fixes her plain, white t-shirt top so that she doesn’t pull on it too much when sitting. She pulls her light brown hair back into a short ponytail to keep it from getting in her eyes as she speaks to her brother, Satoru.

Recently coming out of a surgical operation, Satoru can only stay laying down with his head proped up underneath a few pillows. Buried under multiple layers of blankets, Satoru wearily opens his eyes and has a small smile on his face; his voice sounds strained and cracks as he speaks.

Aside from nearly dying and seeing death, I’m alright.”

Satoru slowly raises his hand, his entire arm covered in medical tubes leading up to a medicine pouch. He drops his hand on Ayane’s head and tousles her hair, “You barely got rest ever since I got hit. You look like shit.”

Chucking a bit and playfully swatting Satoru’s hand away, Ayane fixes her hair and runs her hand along Satoru’s pale, bald head, “I’m usually the better looking one in the family. This is the one time you get to say that.”

Satoru brings his hand back and gives a thumbs up, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Ayane keeps her eyes on Satoru for a little bit before letting out a loud yawn. She stretches and leans forward, laying down on the little bit of free bed space in front of her. She turns her head and watches the television at the foot of the bed. The screen goes black for a moment, allowing her to get a clear reflection of Satoru.

Hey, Satoru?”

What’s up?”

Get well soon.”

The television comes back on and starts broadcasting a news channel. Shortly after, somebody knocks on the room door. Ayane looks back and calls for the person to come in; wearing a fresh set of light blue medical scrubs, a female nurse come in holding a small bag of supplies.

It’s time for Mr. Satoru’s nightly bandage check.”

Ayane pushes her seat back from the bed and gets up, putting her arms over her head as a stretches. She grabs her thin, black jacket off of the back of her seat and looks at Satoru.

I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’ll head down to the lunch hall to grab a bite to eat, maybe a few minutes of rest.”

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