Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 1

She leaves the elevator and heads towards the nearest stairwell, Stairwell A, quickly wrapping around the steps and making it to the third floor landing. Ayane leaves out of the stairwell and walks through the hall. As she’s making her way back to her brother’s room, the ceiling lights begin flickering, quickly picking up speed. Stopping in front of the room, she looks at the hallway lights before going in.

Cheap ass hospital.”

Ayane goes into the room and is immediately confused by what she sees inside; an empty, well made bed. Ayane steps further into the room, just to make sure maybe Satoru isn’t sitting in a guest seat, but he’s no where to be seen in the room.

Satoru? Satoru? Did he get moved to another room?”

Ayane puts her hand on the bed; it’s cold as if nobody has lied in it for some time. She can hear a faint whistling coming from behind the window shade. She lifts it up and sees a small, pinhole sized hole in it. Just outside of the hospital, she can hear the wind violently blowing around, ripping weak limbs off of trees.

That must be the reason why the power is acting all fun. They probably moved Satoru to another room until they fixed the window.”

Assuming that was the situation, Ayane heads for the room door again. Right before she grabs the door knob a loud, male voice begins screaming from the other side of the door.

That sounded like Satoru!”

Her heartbeat sky rocketing, Ayane rushes out of the room and looks up and down the hallway, calling out for her brother. Her calls are followed by another scream, coming from the furthest end of the hallways. She breaks into a sprint and follows the screaming, leading her to the East Wing hallway. She bursts through the corridor doors and calls out to her brother again, “Satoru! Satoru!”

Instead of a scream for a reply, Ayane actually manages to get words. Words she was hoping she’d wouldn’t have to hear, “Somebody, please help me!”

Using the sound of the voice as a guide, Ayane runs through the hall, the voice getting louder and louder with each step. She turns the corner and sees a steady, bright light coming from the last door at the end of the hall. As she approaches the room, she comes to a stop; a bloodied man manages to crawl out of the room. Even as such a far distance, Ayane is able to make out the distinguished detailing in the man’s shirt and medical jacket.

It’s not Satoru…

The man notices Ayane half way down the hall and reaches out to her, pleading for help, “Please, help me! I don’t want to die!”

Before being able to respond to the man’s aid, Ayane witnesses something: a long, thin black arm with long reaching fingers slowly comes out of the room and slides over the man’s face, gradually tightening its grip around him. The man pleads one last time before the wrist on the arm flicks back, snapping the man’s neck in a single motion; the vertebrae in the man’s neck jets out and blood sprays out from the wound.

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