Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 1

Making sharp turns around corners, Ayane runs for her life as the creature continues to follow her. Her breathing is loud and heavy as she tries to pick up more speed to get away.

Damn it, what the hell is this thing?!”

She takes a quick glance back at the creature, hoping it gave up the chase. To her dismay, it’s still chasing after her, screaming more and more.

Ayane turns around one more corner and sees the door to her brother’s old room is still open from when she left. Ducking into the room, she closes the door and quickly grabs one of the guest chairs and wedges it against the door. The door starts to shake, the creature trying to force its way inside. Ayane continues to stack chairs on top of each other, reinforcing the door as best as she could. However, she knows it will only be a temporary solution; she’ll eventually have to leave the room to find her brother.

With the shaking picking up more, Ayane searches around the room for something to defend herself. In the furthest corner of the room, she finds a small, sturdy wooden cane. She arms herself and stands a few feet away from the door, holding the cane, ready for a swing.

Please, don’t let that thing break in here…

After a minute of relentless shaking on the door, it finally comes to a stop. Ayane keeps the cane ready and her eyes on the door. She stays in that same position for another minute, her heart beat slowly reaching a steady pace; she brings the cane down and approaches the door. She removes the chairs away and lightly presses her ear against the door. She only hears silence on the other side.

Tightening her grip on the cane, she slowly opens the door, the hinges squeaking as it opens. The flickering of the ceiling lights keep going on and on, giving just enough light for Ayane to look down the hallway.

With nothing in sight, Ayane lets out a sigh of relief, “It’s gone. But I can’t let my guard down just yet. I need to find Satoru before I can leave. There must be something around here to give me a clue.”

Ayane turns and goes back into the room, taking one more look around for any sign of where Satoru may have gone. With all of the chairs near the door, there’s clearly nothing visible on the floor. She goes to the other side of the bed, near the window and sees something sticking out from underneath the bed; she picks it up and it’s a piece of a medical log.

Patient is showing barely any signs of recovery. Wounds are reopening, even though the patient tends to stay rested in bed; a mandatory check of medical wraps and gauze are done every twelve hours. If no change in recover occurs in a few days, the patient will be moved to the Intensive Care Wing, RM 5–

The rest of the log is ripped off. Ayane stares at the note, rereading it over and over again, “This was written just a few days ago… Why didn’t he tell me about this?”

Continued in Part Two…

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