Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 1

Satoru manages to carefully sit up in his bed, sitting back against his pillows, “Take your time. This is probably gonna take a while.”

Ayane gives a slight nod and heads towards the door, politely walking past the nurse and into the hallway of the hospital. With the current shift rotations for the day, most of the day staff has left for the night, leaving just a handful on staff for the overnight shift. The hallways are silent and empty, leaving only Ayane by herself as she wanders the third floor of the hospital.

Navigating her way around a few corners and corridor archways, Ayane finds herself at the main elevator; when she presses the button, the one of the elevator doors open right away and she steps inside, taking her down to the main floor. Following the detailed maps along the wall, she manages to find her way to the food hall.

With empty tables and a selection of vending machines to choose from, Ayane goes over to a drink machine and pays the fee, waiting for the machine to make her a cup of coffee. She notices a seat next to the machine and sits down, resting her head on the wall behind her.

I didn’t even realize how tired I really am. My body just aches.”

Ayane lets out a loud yawn and closes her eyes, slowly drifting to sleep without realizing it.

* * * * *

A faint ringing goes off in her ear, slowly bringing her out of a deep sleep; Ayane rubs her eyes and yawns. Struggling to open her eyes, she can only keep them open at a small slant, barely getting any kind of visibility. After keeping them like that for a moment, she notices that lights in the lunch hall has been turned off.

How long was I out…? Did the maintenance guy turn off the lights?”

Ayane pushes herself off of the coffee machine and stretches. Rubbing her neck, she realizes that she paid for a cup of coffee. She turns to the machine and sees a full cup just sitting in a cup holder. She touches the rim and notices that it’s cold, “Shit, I was out for a while then. There should be a microwave around here.”

Taking the cup from the machine, she turns around and sees a microwave on the counter across the room. She walks over and puts the cup in the microwave, but when she presses the buttons, nothing happens. Ayane looks behind the microwave and sees that the power cord is plugged into an outlet. She tries pressing more buttons, but nothing happens.

Annoyed, Ayane sighs and shakes her head, “Damn it, there must be some kind of outage.”

Ayane goes into her pocket and pulls out her cellphone, checking the time on it; the clock reads “12:16AM.” Being gone for just over two hours, Ayane knows that Satoru’s bandage check should be done by now, so she heads out of the hall, making her way to the elevators. No matter how many times she presses the button to call the elevator, none of the lights flash nor does the elevator arrive.

Damn, is everything not working now?”

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