Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 1

The sound of the man’s snapping neck forces Ayane to freeze in place, a cold chill rushing through her body, “Wha… Wha…”

Ayane can’t even begin to describe what she saw. All she can do is stand motionless, looking at the man’s corpse. The black fingers on the man’s face then digs straight into it, pulling the corpse back into the room. Second after the corpse is dragged back into the room, the sound of tearing flesh fills the room and the hallway.

Quickly covering her mouth to prevent any loud noises, Ayane manages to muffle her screams as best as she can. The sight of the man’s snapping neck keeps replaying in her mind.

I need to find Satoru and get out of here!

Ayane takes note of her footsteps, making sure to be as quiet as possible, slowly backing away through the hallway. Almost making around the corner, Ayane has been able to evade making sound so far. However, a loud ringing begins playing in her pocket. She goes into a panic and quickly goes into her pocket and takes out her cellphone; she forgot that she set an alarm for “12:30AM,” which is the time visiting hours come to an end for the night.

She manages to go into her phone and stops the alarm from going off, but then notices that the entire hall is quiet. The sound of flesh being torn to shreds has stopped. Ayane’s heart starts beating hard enough that she can hear it in her ears, “Oh no… I think it heard me.”

Coming out of the bright room, two long arms grab at the doorway to pull itself our. Crawling close to the ground, movements and twitches resembling that of a spider, a thin, black figure comes out of the room. Its joints all bend in in the opposite direction despite being able to hold itself up. It’s head is covered in long, ragged black hair that drags along the floor. With each movement it does bones crack, breaking in multiples places and reforming as if it never happened. Blood drips from its head, most likely the blood of the man from before.

Taking notice of Ayane down the hall, the creature’s head shakes and swirls around, its neck easily spinning three times. Confronted with the assailant, Ayane is struck with fear and awe, mumbling something under her breath.

Get away from me…”

As if understanding Ayane’s words, the creature starts to slowly crawl along the hospital floor; as it breathes, a thick, white mist flows through the hair.

Ayane starts backing way, putting her hands behind her back, hoping to get a feel for something. As she backs up, her hands press against a door and it slowly opens.

The creature lets out a roaring screech, sounding like a woman crying out in pain. As soon as it finishes its screeching, it beings to charge straight towards Ayane, who has slipped through the doors and began running down the hallway.

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